Is there a driving school for Pokemon? How did you even find a car you could fit in??

Grohl: Funny thing about that actually. I actually learned to drive on my own. When I was part of a gang, I used to break into car and practice driving in them. I also watched some documentaries on stunt driving.

As for the last part, I really haven’t. I barely fit in the car I have now. A convertable could fit me, but that isn’t very good if you have weather problems.


Woah, Lenox was really going through some deep shit! She hit her girlfriend after an argument, and then some asshole decides to tell her that she’s some kind of monster?!

Cannelle gives Lenox a small smack on the shoulder in order to bring her back to her senses. Not the most comforting thing in the world, but it’s one way to handle things she supposed.

"Lenox! Hush with that negativity!" She said, raising her voice slightly.

"You aren’t some kind of monster! Whoever that Chung asshole is, they don’t really know shit about you!”

She calmed down, giving Lenox a serious yet concerned look, patting her back lightly. “But hitting your girlfriend? What was going through your head that pissed you off so much? I need to get a better idea of what made you snap.”

Lenox felt a little bit better after Cannelle reassured her about what Chung told her. While Chung was right on some parts, namely the fact that if she objected to the jobs that the company was doing, she should find a way to maintain her job, but not do any of the jobs Haines or Chung ask for, or war missions. But it was reassuring that she wasn’t a horrible person.

"Thank you Cannelle. That means a lot to me coming from you." That feeling somewhat went away when Cannelle asked what happened to cause her to hit Brittany. She was very nervous to say why, but then she figured, that since Cannelle is someone she could trust.

"Well she… I had brought up the fact that I do a lot of bounty hunting and merc work because I want to make up for the fact I failed to protect my family. She had told me that I need to let it go, but then she said she wished I would forget my family." Lenox just pulled her legs closer to herself. "I know she didn’t literally wish I would forget my family, but I was still offended by it. It’s still not an excuse but, I just can’t forget them. I need to make up for my failure!"

I know what I will do for mundays for now on

Unless it is character based memes I won’t do it, since I get so few asks. I’ll just give 5 facts about myself or the blog if I feel like it.

Giveaway time



I decided to do another giveaway, but this time, it is going to be something different. This time it will involve you the reader. What do you have to do? Well, you will have to use your voice for this! Simply, read a line read for any of the characters I will list below the cut. The 3 who I feel are the closest to the character will get to choose 1 of 3 shinies I will have available.



The rules are as such.

  • You at most can do one line read for one character. No line reading for everyone! You don’t need to do both options if there are two of them for a character.
  • If you want to change submission, you may, but you have to stick with it.
  • You can only read lines for the options on the bottom.
  • You only get ONE shiny. So it is not winner takes all.
  • You do not need to be a follower to participate
  • If you don’t have Pokemon X or Y then I will make a mini clay sculpture for you. THIS IS ONLY IF YOU DON’T HAVE X OR Y.
  • I stop taking submissions on October 1st

Post the recording to your page and tag it bohemianvoice.

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Italicized the thing I want to emphasize.

If given the chance, would you like to meet any ask blog muns in real life? And if so, who would they be?

I would like to meet several ask bloggers though there is a top 3 it would probably be:

  1. shadowscarknight- the dude is one of my best buds, and is over all an awesome guy.
  2. cinnamun- an absolute sweetie heart and a great writer to boot. 
  3. the-tornworlders- she was one of the first people that really got me RPing, and an absolutely fun woman to talk to.
In honor of followers


So thanks to the suggestion of Togekiss mun I have an idea I can get on board and have it at my own pace.

Since Halloween is my fave holiday thing I’ll be doing special types of gifts/request for the entire next month.

To qualify you just need to be a follower and reblog this post with the answer to the following question:

What would your poke be for Halloween?
(No cosplay, classic/traditional costumes only. Only pick one pokemon from your blog so include an image to that characters reference image)

You will have until September 30th to make sure your request is in. Anything after will be ignored.


Brittany would be a gorgon. She likes to get creative.

((how did you come up with your characters? how'd you develop them? ovo))

This is actually an interesting story.

I actually developed the characters with one consistent idea, a group of mercenaries but numerous things changed.

  • The group was originally purely antagonistic, with the exception of Grohl, who would of been a token good team mate, and would of had Roldabonz’ personality. I dropped this since, for story reasons that would not make since why he, or the group would associate with eachother.
  • Their species changed a lot. Freddy was almost a floatzel or a bisharp. Gwen was almost a flaffy.Lenox was almost a sciszor, or gliscor, but was changed to Hawlucha when I found out about them. Weather was the last addition of the blog. His character was almost a mismagius with amnesia on who she was, but decided to scrap so I could have a bigger guy on the team.
  • Freddy was heavily influenced from the character Fugo Pancotta from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, whom both have simular back stories.
  • Speaking of Freddy, he was from a different blog idea all together. He was almost a spy “working for an organization” that would take orders from his boss, a galvantula who would manifest himself through various objects. The blog would of been a surrealist rompt, with him going on missions that may or may not actually have happened.
  • Brittany was almost a lopunny, a meowstic and a typhlosion, oddly enough.
  • The story in particular is influenced of the comic called Secret Six by Gail Simone, one of my favorite comics of all time.
Eh, you know what. No memes.

I’ll just do any questions any of you have in particular? So ask away, if they are about me, or anything.

Could I get some asks?


I need to kind of get back into doing asks since my box has been empty for a while. It can be in character, or no. I’ll send one back to if you want.

I will do these tomorrow or tonight any time I have gaps in time for my creative writing class. So please send them in.

Has Freddy ever had to kill an employee or friend of his?

Freddy: Unfortunately yeah. One particularly bad case was with a woman named Susan.

Susan was a lopunny, I had met her on a mission in Sinnoh 13 years ago. She was a woman that was on the run from a cult, because she so happened to have a sacred heirloom or something that they needed for some sort of ritual. It was called the Tol-De Stone, and according to legends, it is said to be a stone that could revive anyone, but at the price of tainting ones soul overtime if they stay around it too much. I don’t believe any of that magic crap.

After spending weeks fighting and having some near misses, one of the members of the cult said he would give us 90,000,000 poke if we gave him the stone. Despite some initial protest she eventually agreed, I even said we would split the money 50-50.

Once we got the money, we were beginning to split it between us, she fired a charge beam at me. She then told me, she wanted all of the money for herself. I felt…hurt by this. After all of the close calls, all of the times I saved her ass, she wanted to take the money for herself. Naturally, I didn’t take it to well of her attempt to kill me. So I was forced to venoshock her.

Sometimes I think the stone did corrupt her some how. But then I realize she was just a back stabbing wench.